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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

DJ3 2009 Tour (WOA) India

W.O.A Records Announces India Tour 2009

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Panjim, Goa, India, 10/08/2009 - World’s Best Independent Artists take over the Indian Music Scene for a week during the W.O.A International annual tour and music festival across the country.

W.O.A International–The Music Company started off the Independent music revolution in India last year with the W.O.A Records India Tour 2008. Few can come close to the scale and ambition of the W.O.A Records India Tour Franchise. This year its getting bigger and better with W.O.A Records - the label arm of Global Entertainment Co. W.O.A International, bringing together 10 international artists from the 31st of October to the 7th of November 2009 to various cities across India.

“The W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 tour is expected to be twice as large as the 2008 tour” says W.O.A International Marketing Director, Wanda Alvares, “The W.O.A Records India Tour last year was a phenomenal success and received unprecedented coverage and support from media and fans both locally and Internationally. We believe that the W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 this year will be an event that music lovers have not experienced before”

The W.O.A Records India Tour 2009 will see International artistes perform in major cities of India including a Grand Music Festival / Concert at the W.O.A International Music Festival in Goa on the 31st of October which is to be the start and kick off to the India Tour 2009. The Goa festival is to be the biggest event of the entire tour, the event in Goa is called the W.O.A International Music Festival and will have the headlining artists of the India tour and will also have five celebrity Indian stars and top International artists from Sweden, Germany and other parts of the world joining in exclusively only for the Goa concert to celebrate Goa as the Music capital of International music in India.

The artists this year include respected worldwide acts like British Metal sensation Cypher16, Australian Alt Rockers Risemann, Hip Hop Star Legrand from the US, Guitar Virtuoso Danny John, Kallii the Greek/Australian rock sensation and Headlining the special concert exclusively in Goa will be International Rocker, Goa’s very own Oliver Sean, who will be joined by four additional top International artists from around the world including touring acts like Monica and the Explosion from Sweden amongst others. All the artists will perform everything from pop and Acoustic to Rock and Hip Hop, so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

Promoting Goa as the International music capital of India has been one of the missions of W.O.A International along with creating a support network for fantastic International and local Independent artists. With a decade of working towards becoming India’s largest International Independent record label, W.O.A International is now in the forefront of promoting International music in India.

“Being based in Goa and having over 200 International artists signed to our roster and now with the India Tour an annual event, the W.O.A International Music Festival confirms our stand that Goa IS the International music capital of India” says International Rocker and W.O.A Founder/ President Oliver Sean. “To get international music artistes all together at the same time to India and give the Indian audiences an opportunity to hear their music live across various cities is what W.O.A International has been working towards for years and the W.O.A Records annual India Tour and the W.O.A International Music festival is a culmination of all those efforts.”

The five headlining artists of the India Tour will also travel to Bangalore to perform at a two day fest at Bangalore’s best live performance venue Kyra on the 1st and 2nd of November and the tour is to end with special 3 hour concerts at Mumbai and Pune at the Jazz by the bay live music clubs simultaneously over two days on the 6th and 7th of November.

W.O.A International will also be producing a compilation audio CD comprising every artist on the tour and other top International acts that will be released worldwide, and the much talked about Rockumentary. The "Rockumentary" will be a behind-the-scenes video of the entire tour including exclusive clips of the live performances at the venues. This will be aired on major global networks in parts and will also be available as downloads on the itunes store, so audiences around the world can view the performances of these artists during the tour making it a truly global experience. The tour is expected to garner immense support and interest, as it will show International artists from various countries touring India together and performing at world-class events – a true International Independent music revolution in India.

The national media support garnered, including featuring the artistes’ music videos on major music channels, major publications supporting our endeavour to support Independent musicians, the documentary of this event being featured globally and the support from India’s best-known venues, is testament to the magnitude of the tour.

With an even bigger, better and louder tour planned for 2010 when the tour will be held in India and Dubai, the W.O.A Records India Tour is now an annual event that fans of International Independent music can look forward to every year. Make sure you don’t miss out on this world-class music event.


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