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Friday, January 20, 2012

Mr Twister Review by Muzikreviews

Danny John Trio Mr. Twister

Yesterday I had never even heard of Daniel John and today he is one of my favorite guitarists ever. Danny grew up in Canberra, Australia. He picked up the guitar at age eight and taught himself to play. After gaining an enthusiastic response in Australia he dropped everything and moved to Hollywood where he attended Musicians Institute of Technology. After three years of studying and playing with the best he felt like he was ready. He moved back to Australia and played with the best musicians Australia has to offer. His latest venture “The Danny John Trio” is Daniel John (Guitars); James Dennett (Drums) and Marcos Gil (Bass).

Their second album, Mr. Twister is ablaze with flashy, raucous, intense musical masterpieces. From the moment I hit play I was in guitar shredder heaven.

I hate it when guitar virtuosos put out albums with a bunch of singing with little guitar solos in-between. Mr. Twister delivers everything I ever wanted to hear on an instrumental guitar album. The shortest song is over 5 minutes long. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t just a bunch of heavy metal shredding for the sake of fitting as many notes into a measure as you can. No, each song on this album is a treasure trove of diverse styles, odd meters and vast dynamics, amazingly clean sweep picking, plus incredible bass and drum solos.

Mr. Twister starts out heavy with “Drift.” A lone distorted rhythm guitar progresses into a full out attack of guitar voodoo. It’s a nine minute song, but it never gets boring. “Would” rivals the group “The Mars Volta” for having the most genres in one song. The title track “Mr. Twister” is a lesson in playing in every meter except 4/4. “Lighthouse” makes a game of changing keys every two beats. This album was recorded in 17 hours, but you would never guess. It’s a testament to the amazing talent of these artists. If they were painters this would be their Mona Lisa. If you are looking for a perfect Rock/ Jazz Fusion album, this is it. Look no further.

Key Tracks: Drift, Mr. Twister, Lighthouse Kirk Bullough – Muzikreviews.com Contributor January 18, 2012

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